Sunkist Story

Sunkist Story

Sunkist is the longest-standing agricultural cooperative entirely owned by and operated for the citrus growers. Since 1893, Sunkist has been working to offer quality, fresh citrus that consumers enjoy worldwide.

  • 1893

    • Orange growers in California formed Southern California Fruit Exchange
  • 1905

    • As Southern California Fruit Exchange expands, the organization becomes the California Fruit Growers Exchange to reflect its statewide presence
    • With over 5,000 growers statewide, California Fruit Growers Exchange represents 45% of the entire citrus crop in California
  • 1907

    • The first campaign aimed at advertising a perishable commodity using the adjective “sun kissed” to describe the oranges supplied by the California Fruit Growers Exchange
  • 1908

    • Sunkist” name used in the 1907 campaign is registered as a trademark
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  • 1926

    • Fresh oranges stamped with the Sunkist logo begin to appear in stores
  • 1952

    • The California Fruit Growers Exchange officially changes its name to “Sunkist Growers”
  • 1960

    • Sunkist expands its global export of fresh California-grown fruit, with primary markets across Europe and Japan
  • 1977

    • “Sunkist” trademark is licensed for the bottling and marketing of Sunkist orange soda.
  • 1990

    • The Sunkist cooperative celebrates its first billion dollar year
  • 2019

    • As of 2019, Sunkist is distributing over 800 products made of fresh fruits in 90+ countries around the world