Introduction to our manufacturing facility

Manufacturing infrastructure with state-of-the-art, fully-automated facility meeting the global standard

Production Facility #1 in Korea(KOREA NATIONAL FOOD CLUSTER)
(Construction expected to be completed in 2023 -2024)

Production Facility

  • VSIPII (Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II)
    1) Appointed as a symbolic industrial complex development model
    2) Appointed as number one industrial complex in Vietnam
    3) The third largest foreign direct investment in Vietnam
  • Accessibility
    1) 40 kilo meters (24.8 miles) from Ho Chi Minh City Center
    2) 38 kilo meters (23.6 miles) from Tan Son Nhat International Airport
    3) 33 kilo meters (20.5 miles) from Dong Nai Port
  • Infrastructure
    1) Industrial complex zone encompassing 1,345 hectares (3,324 acres) of land Residential area encompassing 700 hectares (1,730 acres) of land
    2) Currently, a total of 322 companies with over 5,500 employees occupy the industrial complex
    3) Stable supply of utility provided

Key Features of Processing Facility in Vietnam

  • End-to-end implementation of the entire production process by Rieckermann , a globally recognized engineering consulting firm
    1) Design of processing work flow and setting up of the necessary facility
    2) Design of manufacturing facility and audit of construction
    3) Test run of the manufacturing facility and certification
  • Differentiated processing technology and products

    1) Low temperature sterilization: Ensuring natural flavor and nutrition or the fruits & extended shelf life
    2) Functional Food: Balance between health and beauty
    3) Puree-based premium products
  • Facility Infrastructure

    1) Fully automated maximum level processing capacity
    2) Manufacturing the best quality products minimizing loss of fruit chunk
    3) Highest level of operation and hygienic system

Main processing machines at processing facility in Vietnam

  • Filling/Sealing Line
    1) Highest production speed and capacity
    2) Fully automated cup production & production flexibility
  • Pasteurizer
    1) Heat treatment using a tunnel pasteurizer exclusively designed for low temperature sterilization
    2) Fully automated loading/unloading system
  • Puree Line
    1) Highest degree of processing automation
    2) Manufacturing the best quality products minimizing loss of fruit chunk
    3) Complete hygienic treatment and packing system