Company Introduction

FB Holdings Inc. (“FBH”) is an official licensee of Sunkist Growers, Inc. (“Sunkist”) in accordance with the Trademark License Agreement (“TLA”) with Sunkist dated December 2018. Under the terms of the TLA, as amended, Sunkist licensed to FBH and FB International Inc. (“FBI”), FBH’s affiliate, the right to produce, market and sell the fresh-cut processed fruits and vegetable products of Sunkist in Asia and other regions. FBH has a Vietnamese affiliate (“Fresh & Better International, Inc.”) currently building a manufacturing facility on a 30,000 square meter (322,917 square feet) site in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam (“Facility #1”). When completed, the Facility #1 will house state-of-the art manufacturing facility capable of producing the fresh-cut processed fruits and vegetable products

FBH is committed to supplying safe and delicious food to consumers in Asia and beyond with products manufactured from Facility #1 and contract packer facilities in Korea. By supplying our products manufactured in compliance with the stringent hygiene standards and the rigorous quality assurance guidelines, FBH aims to not only globalize local produce from various countries but also contribute to growing the income of farmers we work with.

Sponsored by FBH, new product development is under way through Research & Development Center at Facility #1 to develop products featuring unique market characteristics in each region served by FBH. FBH has also launched collaboration projects with Seoul National University and Sookmyung Women’s University. With Seoul National University, FBH is going to form a long-term partnership to develop sustainable convenient food; with Sookmyung Women’s University, FBH has signed the technology transfer agreement for commercialization of the fresh-cut processed fruits and vegetable products. Through the industry-academia collaboration initiatives, FBH is carrying out research and development to introduce products that would set us apart from foreign competitors’ brands. In addition to the Facility #1 in Vietnam, we are also building a new production facility in Korea (“Facility #2”) which is expected to be ready for production in 2022. When completed, the production volume from Facility #2, majority of which will come from locally sourced produce, is expected to take care of domestic demands as well as contribute to export outside of Korea.

In furtherance of collaboration between industry and university, FBH and College of Human Ecology of Seoul National University agreed to jointly formulate long-term R&D plan for the development of sustainable convenient food by becoming co-tenants of the university research center ready for move-in in 2022. Once construction is completed, FBH and Seoul National University will move into the Sustainable Food R&D Center to be built at Global R&D Unit, Shiheung Campus to start working on R&D projects.

With continuous innovation made through R&D efforts by FBH and university-business collaboration with leading universities, quality products manufactured from our facilities will be distributed as Sunkist brand to the global markets through regional distribution channels worldwide.

With our unwavering commitment to research and development for healthy food, we aim to become a world leader in agricultural food processing industry by making great products for society.


  • Incorporated a joint venture, Fresh and Better International, Inc., in Vietnam11
  • Executed Trademark License Agreement with Sunkist Growers, Inc. giving the Licensee the exclusive rights to distribute the Sunkist products in Asia
    (Category : Fresh-cut Fruit & Vegetable, Fruit Sauce & Purees)12
    (Category : Freshcut Fruit & Vegetable. Fruit Sauces & Purees)
  • 01Incorporated FB Holdings, Inc. (FB Holdings Inc.)
  • 03Signed an agreement to purchase land to be used by Fresh and Better International, Inc., FBH’s affiliate company in Vietnam
    Location: Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II-A (VSIP II)/Contract Land: 30,000 square meters (322,917 square feet)
  • 08Signed Strategic Alliance Agreement regarding the processing and distribution of domestic produce with Nonghyup, one of the largest distributors of agricultural products in Korea
  • 09Held ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a production facility designed to produce Sunkist fresh-cut fruits in Vietnam
  • 09Completed land purchase transaction by Fresh and Better International, Inc. to be used as a production site in Vietnam
    (Total Contract Amount: $2.97 million)
  • 10Completed Industry-University Market Research: Market Analysis of Cup Fruits Markets in Korea and Foreign Countries
    (courtesy of Daegu University, Keimyung University)
  • 11Formulated long-term R&D plan for the development of the sustainable convenient food with College of Human Ecology, Seoul National University
  • 12FBH appointed as a co-tenant for R&D Center to be built by Seoul National University
  • Signed the technology transfer agreement with Sukmyung Women’s University for joint R&D collaboration and commercialization of the fresh-cut processed fruits and vegetable products01
  • Signed an Amended and Restated Trademark License Agreement appointing FB Holdings, Inc. as an additional licensee and expanding product category03
  • Certified as a venture company by Korea Venture Capital Association04
  • Received approval for distribution with respect to a total of 7 product lineups including Sunkist fresh-cut fruits and puree products by Sunkist Growers, Inc. (US Head Office)07
  • Launched 7 fresh-cut fruits & puree products (3 Fruit & Jell products: Mandarin, Pineapple, Mango; 3 Fruit in Juice products: Mandarin, Pineapple, Mango; 1 Apple Puree)08
  • 05Received approval for distribution with respect to a total of 4 product lineups including Sunkist Vita & Jell by Sunkist Growers, Inc. (US Head Office)
  • 06Received approval for distribution with respect to a total of 3 product lineups including Sunkist Fruit Mate
  • 08Began distributing Sunkist Vita & Jell through retail outlets including Fredit , CU convenient stores and Market Kurly, an overnight food delivery platform